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Should I Invest In Gold and Silver? Will Gold Hit $50,000?

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Michael Burry on Investing in Farmland, Real Estate, Gold and WATER|Burry Portfolio (Explained) in 4

Michael Burry on Investing in Farmland, Real Estate, Gold and WATER|Burry Investment Portfolio (Explained) in 4 Steps Michael Burry, the former head of Scion Capital LLC who predicted the housing market’s plunge, talked with Bloomberg’s Jon Erlichman about his investments in agricultural land, real estate and gold, 9 years ago. He discussed the some of…

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Guide To Investing In Gold & Silver: REVIEW

Nick Wright (at has created a Short ‘n Sweet Animated Video Summary of my best selling book Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver. If you have ever wanted a super condensed summary of my book, well then here it is. Link to Nick Wright’s site & review: If you enjoyed watching this video, be…

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Investing / Swine Flu / Gold / Gregory Mannarino

Peter Leeds talks Stocks / Economy / Swine Flu SUBSCRIBE: From the video, Leeds Analysis: We have a conversation today about the water crisis, what that means for investing in stocks and gold and assets. Peter Leeds also introduces himself to Gregory Mannarino. He mentions the new and strong financial results of Barrick Gold (ABX…

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Forget prices, investors need to add more gold

Although gold prices have seen a slump recently, investors should not take this as a bearish sign and instead, consider adding more of the yellow metal to their portfolio, this according to Frank Holmes, CEO of U.S. Global Investors. Holmes noted that gold stocks and gold bullion are currently underweighted in investors’ portfolios. “When you…

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